About us


Merendasinoira was born out of the ambition of three young friends who wanted to share their love for their local area.

Three young friends who grew up in the heart of the Langhe, raised on tajarin made by their grandmothers and homemade red wine, two glasses of which would stain your lips an intense violet.

Our grandparents loved making wine, and this love was passed down to us. So, after completing our diplomas in viticulture and oenology, we decided to make winemaking our profession.

The time we have spent among these rolling hills, working in the vines, following the rhythm of the sun, the intense days of harvest and the loving and intimate familial environment, have forged an unbreakable bond between our souls and the territory of the Langhe.

It was this bond which gave birth to the idea of promoting the potential of our territory, focusing as much as possible on an oenogastronomic experience that respects the local traditions and the DNA of our elders.

We want to share the conviviality of the people of the Langhe; simple, genuine people, always happy to gather around a table and create an atmosphere of festivity.

Friendship and passion