Cugià – V.S.Q. Classic method blanc de noirs

Cugià means “laid down” in our dialect. This nickname occurred to us during a normal day in the cellar while looking at a pile of laid down bottles filled with wine ready to rest and to age in the darkness.

Our sparkling wine is made of Pinot Nero grapes which are softly pressed without de stemming in order to separate the free-run must. The alcoholic fermentation and the following ageing of the base wine happen in stainless steel.

During spring, following the harvest, the wine goes into bottles for the secondary fermentation. The bottles are then laid down and organised in piles in order to help the residual yeasts to deposit. The ageing process starts now and it will last for about 48 months, where the wine will rest on its dead lees.

After this time the bottles will be moved upside down to allow the sediments to reach the top of the neck and then proceed with the manual disgorgement. The bottles are then re-corked with mushroom-shaped corks.

The creaminess and softness of this Classic method make it ideal as an aperitif and a perfect all-round wine.

Tasting notes


pale yellow enhance by a fine and long-lasting perlage.


fresh, delicate, attractive with a perfect balance between the grape primary aromas and the secondary and tertiary aromas coming from lees ageing.


pleasantly dry, fine with a long and refreshing finish.


Pinot Nero.


manual with collection in small perforated crates.


soft pressing. Fermentation and ageing in stainless steel. Secondary fermentation in bottle as per “traditional method”.


in bottle on its lees for about 48 months.